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  • Music partnerships improve brand image, says new research

    9th February 2016

    Partnerships and sponsorship deals with musicians improve brand image and encourage people to try a company’s products and services, according to new research unveiled today by Havas Sports & Entertainment.

  • Introducing CES 2016 Tech Trends

    21st January 2016

    Havas’ team of experts join Rori DuBoff, Global Head of Strategy, EVP, Havas Media Group and WIRED’s Head of Product and Business Development, Mark McClusky, to guide us through the evolution of products that were on show at CES 2016 in Las Vegas.

  • Pedro Avery to succeed Lucien Boyer as CEO of Havas Sports & Entertainment

    16th December 2015

    The Havas Group today announced the appointment of Pedro Avery as CEO of its Havas Sports & Entertainment network, to succeed Lucien Boyer who is moving to Vivendi. The appointment will be effective as of January 1st 2016.

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      • Lenovo

        From ‘talkers’ to ‘doers’ - Mexico

        From ‘talkers’ to ‘doers’ - Mexico

        The objective was to increase Lenovo Brand Purchase Consideration in Mexico in one year, boosting their sales in a market dominated by two longtime positioned players. The Net Generation, 18-24 years old middle [...]

      • Snickers

        Pasabordo - Colombia

        Pasabordo - Colombia

        Snickers, one of the world’s most famous chocolate brands, is known in Latin America for its connection to extreme sports, urban lifestyles (graffiti, skateboarders), and rebellious personality. Our challenge was [...]

      • FNAC

        I live in FNAC - Spain

        I live in FNAC - Spain

        FNAC is the European retail leader of cultural products. Arena’s challenge was to drive traffic to the flagship store in Madrid, bringing to life the unique shopping experience described by our cardholder members [...]

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